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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – February 28, 2024 – LED street lights (den duong LED) are light products manufactured by HALEDCO – Vietnam’s leading intelligent lighting system supplier. 

Dissimilar to standard high-intensity sodium or metal halide luminaires, LED road lights utilize the capabilities of Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to provide unmatched efficiency, vitality savings, and sturdiness. These contemporary illuminations work as effective substitutions for conventional street lighting (den duong) frameworks, furnishing supreme lighting for streets, interstates, and metropolitan scenes. Hence, LED street lights bring revolutionary advancement, enabling reliable outdoor illumination while decreasing costs and environmental impact.


LED streetlights are of great help in city landscapes

By engineering LED luminaires to uncompromising durability standards, cyber-resilience, and future-proof compatibility, haledco.com empowers cities to progress ambitious LED conversion and innovative city initiatives with confidence.

Haledco.com: Pioneering LED Solutions

HALEDCO propels ingenuity and eco-consciousness throughout the metropolitan lighting industry. Boasting a multifaceted selection of LED street (den LED duong) lamps, Haledco accommodates the developing prerequisites of municipalities, infrastructure builders, and urban designers globally. In addition, it provides dependable, economically viable lighting resolutions that amplify visibility, security, and aesthetics within urban locales.

By consistently expanding research and incorporating creative developments, Haledco remains at the forefront of crafting high-caliber yet affordable LED solutions.

LED street lights at Haledco

  • Traditional high-pressure streetlights
  • LED street lights
  • Solar street lights
  • LED headlights

Solar lights help save energy.

In general, LED street lights (bong dien duong) are the most optimal choice, with many outstanding advantages compared to other types of lights.

HALEDCO ‘s LED street light portfolio provides the following unique benefits:

  • Ultra-Efficient Optical Design for Precise Light Control

To allow highly accurate photometry and light distribution on roads, paths, and public spaces, reducing spill light and further energy savings.

  • ThermiX® Cooling System for Reliable High-Power Operation

Haledco.com’s patented ThermiX® thermal management system utilizes advanced heat pipe and alloy heat sink technologies to ensure the reliable operation of the high-power LEDs at optimal efficiency levels.

  • Long Life >50,000 Hours for Low Maintenance

With an expected lifespan of 50,000 – 65,000 hours of continuous use, HALEDCO’s LED street lights (bong den duong) eliminate lamp replacement costs and disruptive maintenance processes for road lighting infrastructure for the foreseeable future.

  • Surge Protection and Waterproofing for Robust Reliability

Incorporating the latest advances in surge protection, electrical safety, and waterproof design, LED street lamps deliver extreme reliability and resilience, ensuring lighting continuity in all weather conditions.

  • Innovative Lighting Capability for Advanced Control

The LED streetlights are ready for intelligent lighting networks, enabling remote monitoring, dynamic dimming profiles, adaptive lighting levels, and data-driven maintenance planning to enhance energy efficiency and functionality.


LED streetlight products are used in road traffic

  • Class I Surge Protection Rating for Enhanced Durability

With a Class I rating, HALEDCO’s LED streetlights provide superior protection against electrical voltage fluctuations that impact performance.

  • IP66 Rating for Water & Dust Resistance

An IP66 rating ensures LED street lamps (den LED duong pho) withstand high-pressure water jets from any direction and prevent dust accumulation. This enables reliable operation in all weather conditions over years of use.

About Haledco


HALEDCO is a premier manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting (den LED chieu sang duong) solutions, specializing in LED street lights, floodlights, and lights. With a dedication to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction, HALEDCO empowers cities worldwide to sustainably enhance efficiency and cut public lighting costs for the next generation.

For inquiries, please visit: https://haledco.com/den-led/den-duong-led

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