Lore and Caldera Forge a Game-Changing Partnership To Launch and Tool The Next 10,000 Rollups

Lore and Caldera are set to revolutionize the blockchain tooling industry with their transformative partnership.

New York, NY, 13th October 2023, ZEX PR WIRELore, a blockchain tooling company, has partnered with Caldera, a platform for launching performant customizable rollups with top frameworks to tool the next thousand rollups coming to market. This pivotal collaboration will provide these new rollups and their end users with the proper data-intelligence platform.  

Image Credits: Lore

Despite what the world outside of Web3 may perceive, blockchains are evolving at breakneck speed—faster, in fact, than both the tooling used to analyze and build on them, and the interfaces used to interact with them. A Cambrian explosion of new networks has occurred between 2019-2023, including layer 2s, but also alternative layer 1s. It is, however, painfully clear to anyone in Web3 that the intelligence tools on these networks have hardly changed.

Now one startup is aiming to change that. Lore, a blockchain tooling company, is on a mission to radically simplify the user experience of both gaining an insight from block data and executing on that insight. Incumbents in this space have limited functionality. Lore, on the other hand, offers an entire user-friendly data-hub for networks out of the box—for the first time ever. 

Through a new partnership with Caldera, a platform for launching performant customizable rollups with top frameworks, including Arbitrum Orbit and OP Stack rollups. Lore will be serving thousands of new rollups coming to market with the complete data-hub they need, changing the industry standard for usability. 

“Very soon, there will be hundreds to thousands of application-specific L2s – and all of these L2s will require robust data tooling,” said Matt Katz, Caldera CEO. “We’re excited to work with Lore to give Caldera chains access to their best-in-class data hub and block explorer”

Lore is truly different. Primarily, it is a complete data hub—bubble maps, 600+ notifications templates, rich APIs, custom analytics dashboards, and an LLM trained on transaction/contract data all live within one unified product. But it is also a place to automate transactions and act on the insights extracted as a user on the data side of the platform. Phase two is an automation layer to execute transactions across all of Defi.

“We give you the familiarity of existing explorers, with far more advanced features across the user-archetype stack: from developers to consumers” said Armaan Kalsi, Lore CEO. “But we are most excited about moving explorers away from a simple data product to an execution destination as well, for all Caldera chains. It also allows us to align incentives with deploying networks using Caldera much more organically.

To learn more, please visit – https://www.lorescan.com/

About Lore

Lore is a tooling suite for EVM compatible chains including tools like Block Explorers, Analytics, Bubble Maps, 600+ Notifications, API’s, and much more.

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