$CULO announces Major Updates And Innovation in the ecosystem

Miami, FL – In a groundbreaking collaboration, the meme token $CULO  on Polygon teamed up with NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp to bring an electrifying series of events to Cancun late last month, spotlighting the token’s real-world impact beyond the digital realm. $CULO’s real-life integration and mission to go all in as a lifestyle brand in the meme space has been a maintain especially as of late.

$CULO: A Viral Meme Token with a Mission

$CULO has rapidly captured the attention of the crypto world with its unique blend of humor and utility. Born on the Polygon network. $CULO has introduced innovative tools like its Ai Contract Scanner CULOSCANNER, designed to enhance investor experiences and security within the ecosystem as well as new utilities set to take Polygon by storm.


CULOSWAP brings in the Web3 masses thru exposure to its in-house DEX swap that allows trade between tokens at the absolute cheapest price while also supporting the burning of $Culo tokens. Currently 7 EVM chains are supoorted with 13 more offered by this summer including Solana coming even sooner! Unlike typical meme tokens, $CULO offers immediate utility and a vision for a more engaging and secure crypto environment.

Partnerships Like No Other

The latest Cancun takeover, named in honor of $CULO, featured exclusive merchandise drops, VIP attendance at the kickback 2 karate combat event, and endorsements from leading figures in the crypto space, including many in the CryptosRUs circle as well as Warren Sapp himself.

$Culo Tokenomics Brief

With a clear commitment to its community, $CULO introduced a fair and transparent tokenomics structure, including a 1 trillion total supply and a strategic 3% buy/sell tax to promote ecosystem sustainability. The token’s launch strategy focused on inclusivity and widespread distribution.

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Watch about Culo x Karate Combat Partnership on YouTube: https://youtu.be/2sweRp36Who

About $CULO

$CULO stands as a pioneering meme token on the Polygon network, celebrated for its engaging community, groundbreaking utility tools, and steadfast commitment to transparency and inclusivity.

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